1 February 2022

To whom it may concern

PROPERTY HOUSE DECLARATION is a no-charge on-line real estate platform created for PPRA registered real estate agents and agencies.

The platform has been developed for the benefit of participants in the real estate market namely for buyers and sellers, lessors and lessees of real estate, and registered real estate agents and agencies in South Africa. It provides an unrestricted and unlimited space for participants to express their intentions in the industry.

PPRA registered agents and agencies will never be charged for a membership, an account, the upload and display of listings, nor for clicks or leads derived from the platform.

The no-charge media advertising services offered by Property House :

  • Registration and membership
  • Display of logos, or agent and company profile
  • Listing of real estate for sale, for rent, auction and short term rental
  • Buyer contact form lead generation
  • Emailed leads and notifications
  • Search for an agent or agency
  • The marketing of the by social media

This letter, as updated the 1st of February 2022 above, serves to declare that Property House by its on-line platform,, will always be a no- charge platform for PPRA registered real estate agents and agencies.

For any further information in this regard, please contact us by using the contact details provided below.

Yours sincerely,

L.G. Lambrou
CEO & Founder
Property House