News / Thu Dec 2021

Property House: The new home for maximizing real estate listings.

WORDS Amanda Voges

Property House is revolutionizing the online listing platform for real estate agents and agencies. Like most other online listing platforms, there is a hefty fee attached for reaching potential buyers, but that is all about to change.

The Property House website opens its doors and welcomes EAAB registered real estate agents and agencies to list on the site at no charge.

Yes, you read that right, no charge! Property House CEO, Lambros Lambrou is excited to introduce this new portal for professionals that he states “is a powerful real estate website dedicated to the South African property market, connecting agents with potential buyers and sellers”.

Furthermore, Lambrou attributes Property House as “a collaboration of successful contributors in the real estate industry and is set to become South Africa’s number one property search website”.

Well, if there are no fees involved, then we are certain that this will ring true and give other sites in the industry a good run for their money.

But, as true as grass is green, there will be sceptics out there when the words “free” or “no charge” are thrown around, so what exactly does making use of this innovative site entail?

In a nutshell… Just sign up! A few simple steps will lead you to unlocking endless potential on the site (that we will get to shortly), but first, here is what you need to do to get started:

1. Register an account

Click on the ‘JOIN’ tab in the top right hand corner to begin the registration by completing the required fields.

2. Confirm your account

You will be sent a confirmation email, then simply click 'Confirm'

3. Verify your account

Verify your account by uploading a copy of a utility bill, and a copy of your ID, and a copy of your FFC. If you don’t have an up-to-date FFC, just upload your last issued FFC and they will do the rest. They verify your account super quick once they have reviewed your documents. These documents are required to prevent Cyber Bots causing a pain.

4. Complete your profile

Complete your profile which will be displayed with each listing. Choose your background colour to match your logo, then…

5. Just List It!

Get going and list as many listings as you wish for best online exposure. The more you list, the better your exposure.

You are in control of your listing uploads, and the rest will be taken care of by Property House. If the ‘no charge’ already got you hook, line and sinker, then you will be even more astonished by the fact that Property House will take care of all online marketing on your behalf.

What is meant by this, is that Property House will take care of marketing for you on all their socials that include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All you can do to contribute, at your discretion, is to promote them on your pages by posting links leading to the Property House site where your listings are shown. Think of a “I scratch your back, and you scratch mine” type of situation. But, this is not mandatory.

If that wasn’t enough, the IT boffs at Property House have developed a Property House App that is compatible on all devices through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. Thus allowing for easy access no matter where you are.

Isn’t it time that sellers and buyers are given the representation that they deserve and for real estate agents to not have to fork out extra just to get exposure for their clients?

Property House is breaking those barriers and is set to turn the way properties are listed on its head, and for the better that is.

Covid really threw an unwelcoming spanner in the works and we are sick and tired of the gargantuan effects that it has caused in the world. It’s phenomenal that a professional and competent company is  willing to give us a break by taking the extra financial strain off those in the real estate industry.

Without further ado, move in with Property House and begin a rewarding partnership to turn this industry around and optimize your real estate listings for maximum results.